Wednesday, July 24, 2013

in just over a month!

I thought I'd start this blog before I actually left for seminary... start good habits early, right? Friday is my last day of work. After that, I'll have about a month to finish getting all of my ducks in a row before I move to Boston in late August.

I'm excited to be going on this major journey, and I am thrilled that you've decided to share and come along with me. I'll try to remember to write frequently, even if it's just a sentence or two when things are really crazy, but you may need to remind me from time to time.

 Moving to Boston is posing some new and exciting landscapes for me. I'll officially be moving out-of-state for the first time in my life, and I'll be leaving behind people who I love and cherish. That said, I'M MOVING TO BOSTON!!!! A city so full of rich history and amazing opportunities to experience will be right outside my door.

Housing is set, financials are set, courses are set. I still need to figure out what I can bring to housing. Oh! I didn't mention that I'm living an a UCC owned ecumenical house that has an international focus. So, not only am I going to seminary, but I'm going to be living with other people attending theological schools in the area. Better yet, I'll be living with people from all over the world who are studying theology at any one of the seminaries or theological schools in the area! I'm exceptionally excited for this opportunity. Having a strong background in Interfaith dialogue, I'm happy to be participating in such an amazing and intentional faith community.

 Okay, that's enough for now.